Client CDM Advisor

The Construction Design and Management (CDM) Regulations, updated in 2015 impose duties & responsibilities for both domestic and commercial clients, for all projects of any scale and value. These duties include:

  • Ensuring other duty holders are appointed.
  • Ensuring the roles, functions and responsibilities of the project team are clear.
  • Ensuring the appointed people have the necessary capability to manage health & safety.
  • Ensuring sufficient resources are allocated to manage the health & safety of the project.
  • Providing relevant information to ensure adequate Pre-Construction Information is circulated to all other duty holders.
  • Ensuring other duty holders comply with their duties.
  • Ensure adequate welfare facilities are provided for the construction project.
  • Notify the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) of a notifiable project.
  • Maintain and review that health and safety arrangements remain relevant to the project.

Construction clients are often unaware of these duties and unsure of the methods and level of information required to ensure their duties are met. McGowan Miller provide a full Client Advisory service in which the responsibility of these duties can be transferred and undertaken on the client’s behalf. Specific duties may include:

  • Providing advice on suitable appointment of other duty holders and fulfilment of roles required for the project.
  • HSE project notification using Form F10.
  • Informing and reminding other duty holders of their duties & responsibilities.
  • Aid in providing relevant Pre-Construction Information.
  • Review and comment on the level of information provided by other duty holders.
  • Having a qualified input to health and safety planning to ensure legal compliance.