Principal Contractor Advisor

Under CDM 2015 a Principal Contractor must be named for all projects with more than one contractor. The Principal Contractor is responsible for the planning, managing and monitoring of the construction phase. CDM 2015 has transferred the vast majority of responsibility onto the Principal Contractor during this construction phase. For any construction project a Principal Contractor’s main duties and responsibilities include:

  • Preparing and updating a suitable and sufficient Construction Phase Plan taking into account the project and the hazards identified in the Pre-Construction information.
  • Organising cooperation between contractors.
  • Ensuring contractors implement health and safety measures and apply the principles of prevention in accordance with the Construction Phase Plan.
  • Provide suitable site induction, site rules, site security and welfare facilities during the construction phase.
  • Liaise and share information with the Principal Designer relevant to the Health and Safety File.
  • Consulting and engaging the workforce of measures regarding their health and safety.

McGowan Miller offer a project specific Contractor Advisory service to Principal Contractors which may involve undertaking the duties of:

  • Incorporating the Pre-Construction information into a relevant Construction Phase Plan.
  • Reminding all parties of their duties throughout the project.
  • Aid in the production of site specific induction and rules.
  • Providing advice on welfare facilities, site setup, security measures and any safety concerns.
  • Advise on production of specific risk assessments and method statements for inclusion into Construction Phase Plan.
  • Undertaking site safety audits and reports.
  • Helping correlate relevant information to pass to Principal Designer for inclusion in the Health and Safety File.