Employers Agent/ Representative

At McGowan Miller Construction Consultants, we tend to include most Employers Agent duties under the Project Management heading, other than the more usual and typical Employers Agent role in Design & Build projects. By engaging us in the role of Employers Agent, the client is effectively placing their trust in us to act on their behalf, such trust being granted as they expect that we will act on their behalf on the basis of our professionalism, knowledge and competence. McGowan Miller Construction Consultants have successfully performed in the role of Employers Agent on a wide variety of projects, our professionalism and experience being beyond reproach, both of which being the backbone of this type of role.

Employers Agent for design and build contracts

Under a design-and-build contract, the Employers Agent typically undertakes duties on the employer’s behalf. By appointing McGowan Miller Construction Consultants as Employers Agents, our clients to date have always taken comfort from knowing that we have both the professionalism and experience to manage their projects, on their behalf, to an exceptionally high standard.