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Providing Quantity Surveying, or Cost Consultancy, services is a large part of our business at McGowan Miller Construction Consultants. Most clients and fellow professionals who work regularly within the construction industry appreciate that the role of Quantity Surveyor is a necessity and not an unnecessary expense. Control of costs pre construction, during construction and at completion is just as vital to projects as the actual design is. At McGowan Miller Construction Consultants we are happy to discuss with any new client the advantages of engaging a Quantity Surveyor on their project such as the certainty that they have received a competitive price, control of costs and contractual control of the contractor.

Whilst the type of Quantity Surveying service we provide has evolved and changed over the years to meet the ever changing marketplace, we have not lost sight of our main target which is delivery of construction projects within the cost constraints agreed with our Clients and fellow design team members.

The links below highlight the various Quantity Surveying services which we can provide, any, or all, of which can be utilised depending on the client’s needs and type and scale of project:

This is a vital part of a project no matter what the scale. A client needs to know the likely cost of their proposals as the time and expense which would be wasted working towards proposals which do not match the available budget could be significant, not to mention the difficulties which could arise if a project were to proceed only to find out further down the line that the budget has run out before completion!

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